Business Advisory Services

Dorion Associates Consultants appreciate good sound business practices and are committed to providing business Advisory services so that our clients are in compliance with all relevant Legislations and minimized Legal risks. Our consultants are experienced in general Business advisory including but not limited to;

i. Mergers and acquisitions and related services including legal due diligence,
ii. Regulatory matters on listing in Capital Markets, Retirement benefits and pension, and Insurance.
iii. Energy Law – Our founding Partner has over 15 year experience in energy law gained in Kenya, the rest of Africa and United Kingdom.
iv. Drafting and review of Commercial contracts – We special in the drafting and review of contracts on behalf of our clients so that the contract executed reflect a business decision, a fit for purpose and are enforceable. Some of the Kenya contracts include contracting and procurement contracts, sales contracts, assets sale and purchase contracts, disclosure letters, consultancy contracts and service level agreements amongst others.

Our Consultants have handled very technical and legal and governance matters and will strive to achieve a desired outcome for clients. They have kept up to date with developments in the ever changing business environment and have recognized skills particularly in the financial services, Retirement benefits and Energy sectors.