Making the Legal Department Effective

In many Companies, the legal department is thin on the ground. We work with clients to identify ways and means of making legal departments effective by identifying those matters that the legal department should focus on. We also help the Client develop self-help options for non legal staff to enable the legal department focus only on those critical items. These include the review of applicable laws and simplifying the same for use by non -legal staff.  This also includes the drafting of service level agreements between the legal department and other departments, and analysing and reducing in to lay man’s language pertinent legislation for wide use and application within the company. We also offer training services in various legal matters with a view to proactively managing legal services by reducing the incidences of litigation for the company. This is because litigation is expensive for companies and proactive legal management is guaranteed to bring value to a company.

We help the legal department identify and manage legal risk, as well as suggesting ways of  ensuring that the Legal department becomes the “to go to” department in the Company. In a nutshell, our Consultants have been seasoned in house lawyers and will help unleash the potential of your legal department.