Areas of focus

We focus on areas of our strengths so as to ensure that our clients get the very best advice. These areas are listed below. We would be happy to discuss them further with yourselves, so that we can deliver them in a way that will add value to your business.

1. Business Advisory Services

Dorion Associates Consultants appreciate good sound business practices and are committed to providing business Advisory services so that our clients are in compliance with all relevant Legislations and minimized Legal risks.…more

2. Corporate Governance

Good governance is a critical component of the success of any entity. In Kenya, good corporate governance and ethical standards in service delivery has been elevated from a moral, ethical and economic principle to a constitutional one under the Constitution of Kenya 2010.…more

3. Governance Audits

Governance audits provide Boards and Management with the assurance they need that proper and adequate governance structures are in place for purposes of enabling the achievement of business goals.…more

4. Board Appraisals and Evaluation

Board appraisals and evaluation offers a mechanism for directors to check where they are coming from, where they are going and what they are doing to get there as an individual Director and as a Board.…more

5. Board Etiquette

For any Board to be effective in its role, it must embrace appropriate boardroom behaviours that ensure the highest output by every member. These appropriate behaviours or etiquette are part and parcel of good corporate Governance.…more

6. Corporate Secretarial Services

Dorion Associates are practicing Corporate Secretaries whose services include corporate incorporations and company secretarial services to the fullest extent possible.…more

7. Risk Management

This is a key area, which is very often neglected in many companies. We aim to help our clients to identify the legal, governance and business risks that they face and develop with them a risk management plan to ensure that identified risks are managed within the company’s risk appetite.…more

8. Ethics and Compliance programmes and Training

We recognize the importance of ethics and compliance programmes and we work with companies to put in place effective compliance programmes. These include anti- bribery and corruption programmes as well as competition law programmes. Further, we appreciate the importance of an organization carrying out Compliance training to ensure that it is at all times compliant with the law.…more

9. Legal Audits

In order to effectively serve its customers and other stakeholders, a company must develop a sound legal model for the achievement of its objectives. Just like its accounting counterpart, every so often, it is prudent for the Board to seek the services of external advisors to periodically perform periodic reality checks to test and adjust the validity of the legal model which typically takes the form of a legal audit.…more

10. Policy Legal Development and Review

Policies may be developed and applied at many levels and may range from formal legislation and regulations to the informal rules by which organizations function.…more

11. Making the Legal Department Effective

In many Companies, the legal department is thin on the ground. We work with clients to identify ways and means of making legal departments effective by identifying those matters that the legal department should focus on. We also help the Client develop self-help options for non legal staff to enable the legal department focus only on those critical items.…more