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Who are we?

The Women on Boards Network is an initiative aimed at promoting and encouraging women into Board leadership.


What we do?

Women on Boards Network is all about ensuring that the next generation of board members is more diverse and better balanced from a gender perspective.More…

Why we do it?

This is in recognition that the number of women sitting on Boards is still very low, not just in Kenya but across the world.More…

Who are we targeting?

The Network aims at inspiring and nurturing skills in women mostly in the following categories..More…

How will we deliver?

This will be achieved through training, mentoring, coaching, advising and providing a networking platform for the women. Once women go through our program, they will stand to gain from appointments in Government, Public and Private sector in their respective fields of expertise.

“……… companies that have women on their boards do better. I am a strong believer that diversity enhances boards, but all-too-often we hear the complaint that qualified women are difficult to find. We know that that isn’t so, but sometimes women who are fully qualified do not know of their real strengths, nor do they succeed in projecting their aptitudes. Mentoring can often be of help. It can build up confidence in candidates, it can teach them about corporate boards, and it can set them on a course for success.”

Donna Soble Kaufman
Chair, Institute of Corporate Directors UK