Our Profile

We are a consultancy firm, whose partners are seasoned Lawyers and Governance Consultants, with vast experience in legal, regulatory, ethical, and governance matters.

The firm aims at helping clients appreciate Corporate Governance, Corporate Secretarial practices and governance ethics. This will be achieved through trainings, evaluations, Consultancies and Audits on a need basis. Our Consultants also have hands on experience with startup businesses and are well placed to help clients put in place the necessary structures for this purpose as well as provide business advisories, legal and regulatory advice.

Our advice is pro-active, timely, cost- effective and is delivered in a professional manner with a view to furthering the business objectives of clients and protecting shareholder and stakeholder interests.

Dorion Associates are also Certified Public Secretaries and are therefore able to act as a Client’s Company Secretary in accordance with the legal requirements currently obtaining in Kenya.

As you will note, our services are more tailored for the Executive personnel i. e the Directors and the management. We believe that for any business to flourish and perform exemplary well, it has to have good and effective leadership and management. Good quality leadership in any venture leads to good management, hence good staff relationships resulting in proportionate service delivery and customer satisfaction.

The mode adopted for our service delivery is trainings, advisories and consultancies.

  • We write to confrim that Dorion Associates LLP led by the Managing Partner, Catherine Musakali, have carreid out the following services for us: Governance Audits for three of our Companies: Britam Holdings PLS (Two Consecutive years). Britam Asset Managers (Kenya) Limited and Britam Life Assurance Company (Kenya) Limited. Board Evaluations services for Britam holdings Plc, Britam Asset Managers (Kenya) Limited, Britam Life Assurance Company (Kenya) Limited and Britam General Insurance Company (Kenya) Limited, all for two consecutive years. Board training for the Boards and Management of the above Companies. Recruitment of Directors for our various Group Companies.
    Eric Murai
  • We confirm that Dorion Associates LLP have been our service provider since 2016. The have successfully provided the following services.
    • Board Evaluations
    • Corporate Governance Training
    • Development of Board Polices
    We highly recommend them Rosemin Bhanji
    Rosemin Bhanji

Mode of Delivery

The mode adopted for our service delivery is

1. Trainings

2. Advisories and

3. Consultancies.